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We Are Here For You

We Are Here For YouWe Are Here For YouWe Are Here For You

We evaluate and interpret information about medical related cases or issues by offering support in medical legal litigations.

We Are Here For You


Personal Injury

Our strong clinical background in various areas including medical/surgical, telemetry, emergency department, progressive care unit, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and pediatrics is a positive asset to any case.  When providing service, we review, organize, and summarize medical records.

Product Liability

Experience with defibrillators, pacemakers, IVC filters, and heart valves.  Extensive knowledge of medications.

Life Care Planning

Our experience in rehabilitation nursing can be very valuable when consulting with the attorney about future medical care needs for a client with a personal injury or professional negligence that has left the client with a permanent disability.

Expert Witness

Offering opinion testimony based on the standard of care and current practice guidelines, causation, future healthcare needs, not on morals, motivations, political positions, or scruples of either side.  Opinions are based on the knowledge, experience, training, education, and facts in evidence.  Nurse experts do not advocate for either plaintiff or defendant.  Nurse experts are advocates for the standard of care.

Our Approach


Our approach is tailored specifically to the needs of the attorney, pertaining to the case at hand.  We offer invaluable services analyzing medical records guaranteeing there are no surprises.

Why Us?


Our mission is to provide honest, professional, reliable, and accurate information regarding healthcare as it relates to the litigation process.  

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